Introducing the MeasureMyBrand KPIs app

Key performance indicators for web marketing.
  • Verify you're increasing brand awareness
  • Verify you're building brand preference
  • Verify you're gaining on competitors
  • Verify you're improving visitor value


MeasureMyBrand KPIs measure leading indicators of future business health. Monthly KPI scores — which are relative numbers — and their rates-of-change keep you abreast of short-term changes in web market conditions. And the trend charts provide you with the predictive insights that the C-suite cares about. If the trends are up, business growth is likely to follow.

More Info

MeasureMyBrand KPIs reflect decades of collective small and mid-market b2b web marketing experience and insight, as well as a deep understanding of data analytics. We suspect that large companies and consumer brand marketers will find them quite useful as well. Learn more about the thinking behind the development of MeasureMyBrand KPIs.
  • The Web is a Market

    Understanding the Web as an economic-type of market unlocks new ways to measure web marketing performance. Download White Paper>
  • A Standard Set of Web Marketing KPIs

    Learn about the thinking and methodology behind our KPI algorithms to decide for yourself if they're credible. Download White Paper>
  • The WPO Framework

    Web presence optimization is a web marketing strategy that improves content ROI and market position. Download White Paper>

Introductory Setup Fees

We don’t fool around with garbage data. You (and the KPIs) deserve better. The credibility and reliability of your KPIs is paramount, so expect a setup process that’s thorough and high touch. That means it’ll cost you. And it will take a little of your time. But it’s worth it.







*Extra competitor setup — $500 each

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