We’re marketing execs who’ve been involved in web analytics and business intelligence (before it was called that) for 20+ years. Some of us have worked for small and midsized companies and agencies and others for global brands engaged with major digital agencies, including BBDO, Razorfish, Digitas, Huge, and AKQA. What brought us together was utter frustration in trying to justify our online spends.

We found ourselves digging around in the bowels of numerous channel marketing tools to get data that could be cobbled together to create some sort of critical business indicator that we could take to the C-Suite. Otherwise, budget increases faced strong headwinds and, even worse, they faced possible cuts.

Then came the “ah hah!” moment—the web is a market, not just a channel for generating leads. So, why not translate traditional market indicators to measure web market trends?

Our singular goal is to give CMOs in any nearly size organization the ability to track, measure and report their strategic contributions to business growth. Without breaking the bank.

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