CMOs are like survivors lost at sea, surrounded by water yet parched, CMOs are awash in web metrics but starved for web marketing KPIs.

At first, this seems quite astounding given today’s data-driven digital environment. CMOs are bombarded with metrics from hundreds of tools that provide campaign-level marketing data collection and reporting. But once you dig in and look at the “metrics maze” of Likes, Followers, Posts, Tweets, Mentions, Impressions, Conversions … (the list … Read more

Are CMOs Putting Too Many Eggs in One Media Basket?

According to recent research, U.S. digital advertising revenues rose 16% last year, and the trend indicates another double-digit percentage rise this year as well. As the economy improves and marketing budgets increase, the dollars are flowing disproportionately to online ads. Marketers last year spent $19 billion on search advertising, $7 … Read more

WPO – the Acronym Everyone is Searching For

A recent post on Webbiquity, 31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO, showcased more than two dozen of the best recent blog posts and articles pertaining to the theory and practice of web presence optimization (WPO). What was missing from most of these pieces, however, was any … Read more

Web Marketing KPIs: Brand Indicators Part 2—Brand Preference

All MeasureMyBrand KPIs are derived from decades of b2b marketing experience. They may prove useful to b2c CMOs as well, but chief brand marketers will likely want to evaluate these measurements to make their own judgments. Another key indicator for business success is little-discussed brand preference. While it’s widely accepted … Read more

Web Marketing KPIs: Brand Indicators Part 1 — Brand Awareness

All of MeasureMyBrand KPIs reflect decades of collective b2b web marketing experience. While they’re likely to be useful for b2c CMOs and brand managers, we recommend they also evaluate them to make a judgment on usefulness for consumer web marketing measurement. That said, nearly every single web marketing strategy includes … Read more

Web Marketing KPIs: Website Indicators – Visitor Engagement and Visitor Quality

According to recent research from MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute, b2b marketers ranked “Engagement” as a top organizational goal. Note that this isn’t a campaign-level tactical goal but rather a strategic business-level goal. While engagement is a strategic web marketing objective, CMOs find that measuring it is somewhat problematic: … Read more

Welcome the MeasureMyBrand Blog

A century ago, department store icon John Wanamaker famously said he knew half of the money he spent on marketing was wasted. He just didn’t know which half. The advertising and promotional options of the day were limited, and metrics were scarce. Today, b2b marketers today have a plethora of … Read more