Welcome the MeasureMyBrand Blog

A century ago, department store icon John Wanamaker famously said he knew half of the money he spent on marketing was wasted. He just didn’t know which half. The advertising and promotional options of the day were limited, and metrics were scarce.

Twitter analytics exampleToday, b2b marketers today have a plethora of interrelated channels and are awash in metrics. The web has made every page view, every interaction, every click measurable—and yet true insights remain nearly as elusive as in Wannamaker’s day.

Not only are marketing leaders frustrated, but CEOs and CFOs are putting pressure on them as never before to prove the business value of marketing. U.S. marketers will spend more than $68 billion online in 2015, according to Forrester Research.

Welcome to the first entry on the MeasureMyBrand blog. Future posts here will cover a wide range of b2b web marketing, PR, social media, search, and content marketing topics, but will focus mostly on measurement.

B2b marketing executives can get their fill of “15 Tips to Make You a Twitter Guru” elsewhere. Here we’ll talk about how to measure and report the ROI of all the money being spending on web marketing. And ROI isn’t just about hard dollars. It includes assets like brand awareness, brand preference and more.


The MeasureMyBrand blog will focus on what CMOs really need to be able to measure and communicate their progress on the web. Stay tuned.