WPO – the Acronym Everyone is Searching For

A recent post on Webbiquity, 31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO, showcased more than two dozen of the best recent blog posts and articles pertaining to the theory and practice of web presence optimization (WPO).

What was missing from most of these pieces, however, was any mention of the term “WPO.” The various authors used phrases like “social media and SEO, “integrated marketing communications,” “inbound strategy,” “SEM + SEO,” “converged media” and “content marketing” among others, but missed the all-encompassing term that captures all of these concepts.

WPO model diagram

Web Presence Optimization model

Nevertheless, the term is gaining increasing traction,  showing up in articles on FreshBusinessThinking.com, Deep Ripples and even ClickZ. As there is no better moniker available to describe the coordinated management of PR, social media, SEO, content development and online advertising to maximize overall web visibility, it’s only a matter of time before the term—and not just its underlying ideas—gains widespread use.

Because the WPO model encompasses paid, owned, shared and earned (POSE) media, it requires higher-level metrics than those typically reported by tactical SEO, social media monitoring, ad tracking and similar tools. Measuring the ultimate results of WPO requires the use of CMO-level web marketing KPIs.