Marketing executives say their biggest problem is a “lack of reliable metrics to define success and failure in a multichannel online environment.”

That’s no surprise since, in most cases, they’re relying on tactical campaign-level measurements. There are hundreds of tools available that will measure almost any aspect of web marketing. CMOs—and the C-Suite—know that these measurements aren’t providing the insight they need to determine if the business in on the right track.

To verify and quantify business value from web marketing, brands must make a fundamental shift in how the web is viewed.

The web isn’t just a channel, the web is a market.

Elevating the Web from “marketing” to “a market” opens up new ways to measure and report strategic web marketing performance.

Recognizing that the Web is a market means that certain web market trends are, in fact, critical business success factors. And that these factors can be measured using a set of market-level key performance indicators (KPIs).

This white paper describes what makes a credible market-level web marketing KPI, outlines the three categories of market indicators for web marketing performance, and details the six KPIs that are leading indicators of the future health of the business.

Download A Standard Set of Web Marketing KPIs