The WPO Framework: A White Paper

Using Web Presence Optimization (WPO) to maximize brand visibility and optimize an online marketing mix

Given that more than 90% of all b2b and high-end consumer purchases now begin with online research, online brand visibility, or web presence, is crucial.

The problem is that various marketing channel programs, including PR, search, social, paid ads and email are executed largely in silos and gauge success by using their own sets of disconnected data and measurement criteria. This makes it nearly impossible (or very expensive) to measure the big picture of online brand performance.

Web presence optimization (WPO) is the framework for integrating efforts in all online channels so an investment in one area is leveraged in others, thereby amplifying the impact of online marketing.

This white paper explains the strategic WPO framework for managing and measuring the effectiveness of online brand performance.

Web Presence Optimization (WPO) Metrics: An Introduction

Optimizing online brand presence requires tracking, measuring and competitive benchmarking over time.

Web Presence Optimization (WPO) is an framework for increasing online market visibility and competitiveness. Executing a WPO approach requires measuring and adjusting brand presence over time.

This white paper focuses on the types of metrics used to measure and benchmark online brand presence in order to monitor online performance to make decisions about how best to allocate budgets and resources. It also explains how WPO metrics differ from what’s provided by typical analytics and campaign-based tools, and outlines the three key categories of metrics for WPO measurement and improvement.

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