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Get a true, simple, reliable business-value KPI for visitor engagement meaningful at the C-level—FREE.

Why not just use Google Analytics metrics like bounce rate? Because it’s not a true KPI in that it’s simplistic, just one element of the bigger picture, and not reflective of your true marketing performance.

The MeasureMyBrand™ Visitor Engagement Score™ is calculated based on a proprietary algorithm that standardizes and weights visitor behavior metrics collected from Google Analytics.  It also filters out the ever-increasing visitor traffic coming in from web crawler “bots”.

Your Visitor Engagement Score measures the overall effectiveness of your multichannel web marketing and PR activities, as well as the value of your website as a strategic asset. It also shows how visitor engagement with your website content is changing over time and, soon, how it compares to other companies like yours.

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In the not-too-distant future, you’ll also be able to compare your Visitor Engagement Score to those of similar companies. That’s why we’re asking for some profile information when you sign up.

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